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AELL | Intelligence Health Care System

The AELL is an Intelligence Health Care System. This technology allows the patients have their own medical and health record and share to other MP (medical practitioners) by their authority. The AELL is the hub between all the health service providers; hospitals, clinics, pharmacies; that not just share the medical information but as the intelligence system to ensure the patients will be treated as fast as possible. Every patient will get a smart medical card that contains their health information (blood type, race, genetic record, allergies, etc.) that can be authorized to MP using fingerprint technology.

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AELL | Intelligence Health Care System is a solution provider company in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) area. Our customers especially are health care solutions, retails, manufactures, finances and services.

AELL enterprise resource planning (ERP), hospital information system (HIS) and certified EHR provides healthcare organizations of all sizes proven solutions,
helping you manage and integrate clinical and financial information.

For better business, better care and better connectivity.

A Smart Intelligence Health Care System

Direct Benefits

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Direct Benefits

AELL provides a host of direct benefits

Security and Privacy

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Security and Privacy

Protecting the Security and Privacy of Your Patients Information

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